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The Safe at Work Project 

Provides newcomer women employees with information on sexual harassment in the workplace. The project’s goals are to (1) create workshops to inform newcomers about sexual harassment in the workplace, their rights as employees, and available resources; (2) offer training sessions for those who wish to become resources for information about and prevention of workplace sexual harassment in their respective cultural communities; and (3) educate employers about the unique needs and potential vulnerabilities of newcomers in the workplace. The project was delivered both online and in person and continued to experience positive engagement from participants.


Police as Partners: Domestic Violence Prevention Through Community-Building with Newcomers


  • The purpose of the program is to reduce instances of domestic violence among new immigrants and refugees by building trust and increasing communication between police and newcomer communities through education, reducing fear of police, and building trust.

  • Eligibility. This program is for newcomers who have arrived in Canada in 2015 or later. Priority will be given to women who are self-identified past or current victims of domestic violence, though workshops and activities will remain open to others who are interested in attending, as space permits.

Women in the Street

Newcomer Women's Projects (NWP)

Collaborate with community partners to provide accessible information to newcomer women in Greater Victoria on issues related to women's physical and mental health, as well as their safety, well-being, and legal rights as they relate to their relationships with both their children. Program activities occur through interactive group workshops supported by translation services, participant feedback, volunteer engagement, and presentations by skilled facilitators and guest speakers from community organizations

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Newcomer Women's Programs

Participant Registration Form 



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Safe at Work: Creating Respectful Workplaces for Newcomer and Migrant Women 



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