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Newcomer Women’s Projects

Various projects focused on immigrant and refugee women (health, safety).

Women in the Street

Program Eligibility: More information on workshops to come, Spring 2023.

Safe at Work Project Description:


Creating Respectful Workplaces for Newcomer and Migrant Women

This project provides newcomer employees in Victoria, British Columbia with information on sexual harassment in the workplace.


Additional outreach to community service providers will be undertaken to support employees who may be more vulnerable and hard to reach, including home care workers. Information on sexual harassment will also be provided to employers who employ newcomers to present the issue from a cultural perspective, and support employers to develop or align their policies to reflect their diverse workforce.

Please submit the form below or contact for more information.

Police as Partners: Domestic Violence Prevention Through Community-Building with Newcomers


  • The purpose of the program is to reduce instances of domestic violence among new immigrants and refugees by building trust and increasing communication between police and newcomer communities through education, reducing fear of police, and building trust.

  • Eligibility. This program is for newcomers who have arrived in Canada in 2015 or later. Priority will be given to women who are self-identified past or current victims of domestic violence, though workshops and activities will remain open to others who are interested in attending, as space permits.

Newcomer Women's Programs

Participant Registration Form 



By submitting this application, I hereby authorize Victoria
Immigrant & Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS) to collect personal information about myself. I understand that all information provided will be kept confidential by VIRCS and only be used for statistical and administrative purposes with partnering agencies. I hereby declare that all information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge at this date.

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