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Little Phoenix Daycare

Little Pheonix is a community daycare that welcomes immagrant and refugee children.

Little Phoenix Daycare

The Little Phoenix Daycare is a new facility is located in the Victoria Social Innovation Centre building at 1004 North Park Street, that houses the partner agencies Family Services of Greater Victoria(FSGV) and the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre(VIRCS).


The Little Phoenix daycare is the first trauma-informed child care program in Canada, and as our research indicates, the first in North America.


The concept of this Daycare is to create a daycare with staff trained to identify behaviours and emotional triggers that may indicate past or current/ongoing trauma for verbal and pre-verbal children who are from populations that have endured situational or personal trauma. The staff will consult with our in-house childhood trauma counsellors, art therapists and other childhood development experts who will help design play therapies and practices to support the child and ensure full-day care that supports the therapies in a setting that is peaceful, therapeutic but otherwise looks like a regular daycare facility. VIRCS and FSGV both have expertise working with and supporting children and families who have experienced trauma, including newcomer populations and populations who experience racialization and other forms of structural marginalization.


This daycare was made possible by the generous funding provided by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the United Way of Greater Victoria.

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