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Volunteer Program

 Recruit various programs volunteers.

Program Eligibility:  

Anybody is welcome to volunteer with us!

Program Description:

The volunteer program is a vital, dynamic part of the larger VIRCS portfolio of activities designed to meet the specific needs of individual immigrants and refugees, their families and the wider community with targeted, client- driven services. The volunteers’ caring, respectful and service- orientated attitude coupled with their willingness to share their time and expertise in meaningful programs and activities helps to create an inclusive

and welcoming environment for VIRCS clients and community members.

Please Apply Below:

Volunteering Group

Community Bridging Program

The Community Bridging Program at VIRCS emerged as an option for newcomers, providing referrals, support and inclusion. Collaborating with local entities, VIRCS facilitated settlement, hosted engaging events, and bolstered community integration. The dedication of 213 volunteers exemplified community spirit. VIRCS utilized technology and adaptive strategies to navigate pandemic challenges, reinforcing Victoria as a welcoming home for all newcomers.

Funded by:

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Program

Status in Canada

Please contact our Community Liaison at to complete a Criminal Record Check and to submit copies of your Covid-19 vaccination status.

Emergency contact information

Relationship to contact

                                                     Your Skills and Experiences

Your Availability
Your Availability

Confidentiality and Client Protection

Our centre promises a safe and welcoming environment for clients and community members. A safe
environment is where our clients / visitors can trust that their privacy will be protected and their
personal information will not be shared without their permission.

Personal information NOT to be shared about clients / visitors without permission can include:


1. Their name, contact information, address, marital status, employment history (any personal identification)

2. Information about where they came from and why

3. Information about their family, friends and in particular, the whereabouts of people not in

4. Canada or Victoria

5. That they are a client of VIRCS or attend program workshops and events

6. If they use or provide volunteer services

7. Visit our centre or use our facilities

As a volunteer, you are expected to foster safe and trusting relationships with our clients as well as with
each other. Please adopt a professional and discreet attitude toward your role and responsibilities.
If you feel you have breached someone’s privacy or have witnessed this with someone else, please talk
to the Volunteer Coordinator or program staff about the situation right away. We need to know the
circumstances so we can act in the best interest of the client / visitor as well as you as a volunteer.

Cultural Sensitivity
It is requirement at VIRCS that all races, religious groups and cultures be treated as equals and with
respect. Please be aware of your behavior and content of your conversations, especially in public areas
at the centre as others around you may be culturally sensitive to your words or actions.

VIRCS Volunteer Agreement and Granting Permission
By Signing I agree to have read and adhere to the client protection policy as adopted by Victoria
Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society. I agree to a criminal record check and I understand certain
information I have provided may be shared with VIRCS staff and / or other volunteers: I give my
permission to VIRCS to use, publish or post my photograph on VIRCS promotional materials and social
sites; and I give my permission to share the information provided in this application with VIRCS staff.

Thanks for submitting!

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