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Welcome Gardens

Creating urban gardens to reduce food insecurity.

Community Garden


Program Eligibility:

Program Description:


The program welcomes people of different origins. From children to seniors are welcome to participate. Immigration status does not matter. The program encourages primarily the participation of newcomers, refugees and new Canadians. Established Canadians are also welcome to participate with us.

Welcome Gardens is a VIRCS settlement service program. Designed to battle food insecurity and help newcomer and vulnerable populations to overcome barriers to their well-being.  


The program provides the necessary tools and resources for newcomers and senior community members to grow nutritious, affordable, and culturally-preferred foods together while fostering intercultural collaborations that strengthen Victoria’s social, environmental, and economic resilience. 

Contact for more information.

Welcome Gardens’ workshops, potlucks, community events, and shared resource pool promote social connection and food security in order to:


Increase the community’s knowledge, skills, and resources to grow and prepare food

Increase understanding, connection, and inclusion of all community members through multi-generational and multicultural exchanges

Enhance education and training on sustainable food production practices

Provide opportunities for participants to share culturally significant food knowledge and cultivation skills

Increase garden space and maximize urban food production

Assist in the settlement and inclusion of new and isolated community members

Increase affordable options for people to obtain and share food resources, and

Support the establishment of a culturally diverse local food network.

Harvesting Vegetables
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