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Thandi Williams, (she/elle/her)

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A veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy who proudly served in her 18-year military career, with resilience and professionalism. As a Naval Combat Information Officer, she worked closely with allied nations and developed expertise in emergency preparedness, disaster response, leadership development, and public relations.


When Thandi entered the civilian workforce in 2015, her new role in the business development sector utilized her natural talents for strategic leadership, instincts for stakeholder engagement, and penchant for growing business.

Thandi continued her public service drawing on her 15 years of leadership and operational planning experience,  as Director of Operations and Deputy Private Secretary in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia supporting the province's 29th and 30th Lieutenant Governors with distinction for 6 years.


To satisfy her creative energies and to encourage positive self-image, Thandi recently opened her own business - a charming clothing store on picturesque Pender Island. Using her keen eye for fashion, Thandi carefully curates a collection that brings women and girls together to share a positive shopping experience. Her store, ISLND GRL Collective Collective, enhances the local community by showcasing clothing and accessories supplied by Canadian designers and wholesalers and remains committed to 85% local offerings. Drawn to the warm and welcoming community in Pender Island, Thandi has decided to further her support of #local island businesses as President of the Pender Island Chamber of Commerce, where she plans to foster cooperation, cross promotion, and support within the vibrant businesses of the southern gulf island communities. Most recently, Thandi has joined VIRCS Board and hopes to utilize her unique skillsets in support of the organization. 

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