Oak Bay Welcome House

The District of Oak Bay and VIRCS have teamed up to provide welcoming new homes for refugees!

Transitional Housing for Refugees on Beautiful Vancouver Island!


Managed by the Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre Society.

In partnership with the District of Oak Bay.

A place where refugees to Canada can start their new lives, receive comprehensive supports, and make meaningful community connections.

Brown Leaves


Support Group

Ensuring successful integration into the community.

Our transitional accommodation model was developed with help from the wonderful people at the successful Kinbrace Houses in Vancouver, BC.  The Oak Bay community has kindly welcomed this project and we are deeply fortunate to have many volunteers from Oak Bay who are committed to the welcoming of refugees in their scenic neighbourhood.

English Class

English Language Assistance

Residents will be able to learn more about enrolling in English language courses at a local organization. There will also be opportunities to practice with neighbours, volunteers, and other residents of the OBWH.


Employment Services

As part of our employment services, our employment coordinator will be happy to assist with finding a job, giving advice on creating job applications, helping to submit application online, and more. You can be assured you will be presenting yourself well when you apply with our experts.

Chefs Portrait

Food & Nutrition

Community members and OBWH residents can learn and share their dishes in fun workshops.

This will be a collaboration where residents, community members, and volunteers can learn from one another and share.