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The Safe at Work Series consists of four workshops.


  • The first workshop establishes the importance of promoting a positive workplace.

  • The second focuses on employers’ legal obligations to their employees.

  • The third reviews the steps involved in responding to reports of sexual harassment.

  • The final workshop leaves employers with steps they can take towards designing a policy and establishing best practices for their businesses.


The workshop objectives are as follows. By the end of all four workshops, the participants should have:

  • A solid grasp of the laws and legal expectations ruling employers for anti-harassment and bullying, as well as an understanding of some data and facts about newcomer and migrant women’s (including LGBTQIA+/ nonbinary) safety in the workplace.

  • A solid grasp of how to implement procedures for preventing, training, informing, reporting, and investigating harassment and bullying in the workplace.

  • An understanding of how to implement strategies for creating a positive and safe workplace culture in a way that works for newcomer and migrant women.

  • An understanding of how COVID has increased the prevalence of bullying, harassment, and sexual assault in the workplace and how to create policies that protect newcomer and migrant women workers from threats to their safety.

  • An opportunity to reflect on the importance and the strength of newcomer and migrant women in the workplace and commit to improving the company’s culture for newcomer women’s physical and mental health and safety.

  • Taken advantage of the opportunities for self-reflection, generated ideas for improving their business practices and strategies, and set goals for improving their workplaces and plans to follow through.


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