Skills Connect for Immigrants

What does the program offer?

  • Financial assistance
  • Training: short-term courses, English language upgrading, and technical skills upgrading, etc.
  • Professional membership fees, credential evaluation, skills & language assessment
  • Connection to employers & mentors
  • Assistance with credential assessment and information on regulatory bodies and job search
  • One-on-one, individualized career planning and coaching.


Who have we helped?

A wide range of internationally educated and skilled professionals from various sectors (e.g. baking and financial; IT engineers; lawyers; trades; hospitality; teachers, and others)


Who employs our clients?

  • Accounting firms
  • Banks and other
  • Government
  • Hotels
  • Law firms
  • Local businesses
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Non-profit organization
  • Research
  • Retirement homes
  • University and community colleges


Who can apply?

  • International language proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark 5 or higher)
  • Immigrants who have arrived in the last 5 years and must have landed immigrant status or certificate of Canadian citizenship

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Almeida: 250-361-9433 ext. 222;



80% of the participants who completed this program have found meaningful employment. Others have had skills upgrading and training to set them firmly on their career path. Will you be our next success story?


The Skills Connect for Immigrants Program is part of the WelcomeBC umbrella of services, made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

You Can Use Special Services for Skilled/Professional Immigrants.  For information about our Skills Connect Project for Skilled & Internationally Trained Professional Immigrants, please call (250) 361-9433 Ext. 222 or email


Develop your skills and feel good about it!

Passionate about your job? Want to develop your coaching skills? Interested in learning about how business is done in other countries? Consider becoming a mentor and helping a newcomer to take the first steps on a successful career path by sharing your expertise.

The Skills Connect program at the Victoria Immigration and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS) is a provincially funded program that helps immigrants to find work using their skills and education. We are helping these newcomers to enter the Canadian workplace in a job where they can use their specialized skills and knowledge. To achieve this, it is incredibly valuable for them to speak to someone with local industry-specific workplace knowledge.  In as few as 4 meetings, you will have the satisfaction of helping your mentee successfully integrate in Canada.

The knowledge, networking opportunities, information and support offered by mentors inspire and motivate their mentees. Benefits for mentors include developing cross-cultural communication skills, honing coaching skills, expanding their networks, and gaining a global perspective. The possible benefits enhance your life, your employer and the community.


Contact Jennifer at for more information.

Service for Employers

Free Services to Help Meet Your Human Resource Needs!!

Local employers can receive free services from the Employment Transitions & Coaching Program in recruiting and hiring new employees with appropriate skills and good attitudes.



The Capital Regional District is facing an increasing shortage in skills and labour. Immigration has become the main source for new workers. Immigrants represent nearly 19% or 57,590 of population in the Capital Regional District - a significant share of the local workforce. In the last two years, the Employment Transitions & Coaching Program has witnessed a significant increase in the number of immigrants having a wide range of careers in healthcare, childcare, IT, mechanical engineering, accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, senior management, etc.



The Employment Transitions & Coaching Program also includes the BC Skills Connect Program. These participants are skilled professionals who have the right combination of skills, language level and education to make a significant contribution to your workplace.



Immigrants frequently bring with them not only skills and experience, but also excellent work-ethics, loyalty, strong desires for work as well as willingness and ability to learn quickly. The Employment Transitions & Coaching Program can help you tap into the new segment of job seekers in the local labour market.


We can refer pre-screened, highly-qualified candidates upon your request.

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