VIRCS is a registered charitable society and operates under the BC Societies Act. Our Board is composed of communiy-active members who volunteer thier significant experience to provide governance supports to the Executive Director on behalf of the membership. The current Board of Directors is:

Aaron Hall (President) (Acting Treasurer)

Marie Morrison LlB (VicePresident)

Ayodeji Kuponiy PhD (Secretary)

Nancy Hum MSW (Past President)

Miguel Espinosa (At Large Member)

Catherine M. Kamau, MSW (At Large Member)

Monique Goffinet Miller (At Large Member)

Dr Lisa Gunderson (At Large Member)

Parveen Nijjar, LlB (At Large Member)

Rita Parikh (At Large Member)


If you are interested in the Board of Directors or want to contribute as a Board Member, please contact the President and/or the Executive Director. We will gladly forward a recent copy of our Board Member Requirements