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Enable Program supports the needs of , immigrant and refugee, children and youth between the ages of 6 - 25 . All of service are designed to address their academic, social and emotional needs as they transition into Canadian Society.


Program activities include:

SPARKS for Children

Homework Club & Tutoring

Art Therapy  for Children

Youth Activity Night – Drop-ins

Youth Strides Summer Camp




SPARKS For Children

Sparks aims to help newcomer children improve their English and build stronger social-emotional skills as they adjust to the Canadian school system.  Sparks uses games, art, stories, sports and more to help children make new friends, practice their English and learn about Ca­nadian culture. All activities and lessons plans are designed to build children's self-esteem, support healthy behaviors, and encourage creative self-expression, while also learning about and celebrating diversity.  Sparks is offered in a different elementary school each term as an after school program.  Check with Enable Program staff to see if Sparks is offered at your child’s school!

Ages: 6 - 11 years old

Schedule/ Location : Sparks takes place after school for two hours per week, for 10 weeks at a local elementary school. Please contact us for more information.


Homework Club & Tutoring

Homework Club helps children, youth and young adults succeed in school environments by providing one-on-one tutoring to assist with assignments, projects, tests, and improving study skills. This drop-in program provides a safe space to learn, make new friends, build self-confidence, and increase academic performance.  Homework Club is split into a children’s group for ages 6-12 and a youth group for ages 13-25, and helps with all grade school level subjects.  Homework Club meets every Tuesday with qualified volunteer tutors and VIRCS Staff.  

Age Range: 6 - 25 years old

Schedule: EveryTuesday, from 4:00-5:30pm for the children's group, and 4:00-6:00pm for the youth group.

Location: Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society, 1004 North Park St., Victoria BC V8T 1C6

Homework Club November 2018 Calendar


Art Therapy Groups

Facilitated by a profes­sional arts therapist and certified counselor, this program offers newcomer children an opportunity to increase their sense of connection and belonging while also improving their social-emotional skills. Children can participate in a 10-week group process along with one-on-one or dyad sessions to process feelings about their immigration experiences, grief and loss, separation from family members, loneliness, isolation and trauma. Mind-body approaches, creative processes, and play are used as meaningful sources for communication, self-expression, and integration. Our Arts Therapies program rotates through different elementary and middle schools in greater Victoria.

Ages: 6 - 11 years old

Schedule and Location:  The Art Therapy program takes place during school hours, for 10 weeks at a local elementary school. Please contact us for more information.


Youth Activity Night

Youth Activity Night is a drop-in program that provides a safe and fun place for youth to practice their English, make new friends, and experience Victoria and what it has to offer.  Twice a month we offer a different activity including workshops, art projects, games, sports, community outings, and events.   For Youth Activity Night, we have visited the Victoria Art Gallery, gone to a Royal’s hockey game, explored local parks, had cooking workshops, and much more!  It is a great opportunity to experience new things with friends from around the world!  Youth Activity Night is for youth ages 13-19 years old.  Check out our monthly calendar of events and activities below for more details.

Age Range: 13 - 20 years old

Youth Activity Night November 2018 Calendar

Download/View our Youth Night Poster

Youth Strides Summer Camp

Youth Strides is a week-long summer camp for immigrant and refugee youth ages 13-19 years old.  The camp consists of structured time for leadership programming, life skills development, and other workshops along with free time for socializing and outdoor recreation.  Our programs and workshops explore important topics such as social justice, critical thinking, cross-cultural learning, creative expression, and more.  Other activities include playing sports, swimming, kayaking, art, theater, music, and the highly anticipated talent show!  Youth will learn leadership skills, gain confidence, make new friends and successfully work toward their personal goals as they transition to life in Canada.

Ages: 13 – 19 years old

Dates: Monday, July 16th - Friday, July 20th, 2018 

Location: Camp Banard, Sooke, BC

You can download an application for camp below, and application due date is Monday, June 5th, 2017!

Download/View our Youth Strides Summer Camp Poster

Download Summer Camp Application Form


Youth Theater Project

The Theater Program offers youth ages 15-20 years old, the unique opportunity to work with professional facilitators in theater and music to create an original play about their experiences of immigration. Participants take part in workshops and activities that explore themes of diversity, multiculturalism, identity, and the experience of moving to a new country.  The Theater program is a powerful creative outlet for newcomers to process their experiences, connect with other youth who share these experiences, and give back to their community by spreading awareness. Participants perform the final production in various public venues such as schools and at City hall.  

For more information about the Theater Project, please contact Enable Program staff.


Enable Program is supported and funded by the Province of British Columbia along with: