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You save money, time, and headaches in employee recruitment:

  • No advertisement cost
  • No endless selection process
  • No fear of selecting wrong candidates

You can access:

  • Wage subsidies (access eligible employees and paperwork required.) More information about TARGETED WAGE SUBSIDY and SKILLS LINKS PROGRAM can be found on the


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Do You Know?

"Canadian companies have discovered that by having cultural diversity in their workplace, they have enhanced their ability to understand and tap into lucrative new market."

  • Over the past decade, immigrants have accounted for 70 percent of Canada’s labour force growth, and by 2011, this is expected to reach 100 percent. (Canadian Labour and Business Centre, October 2005)
  • 3 out of 5 immigrants have a university level education. (Source: Service Canada)
  • ...An aging (Canadian) population, slowing population growth, and resulting wave of retirements give rise to immigration as a practical response to meeting current and future labour market needs. (Canadian Labour and Business Centre, October 2005)
  • ‘…Immigrants are more likely to effectively initiate and encourage successful export opportunities for locally manufactured products or services to their home countries given their connections and local market knowledge of their home countries.’ (Canadian Labour and Business Centre, October 2005)
  • 86% of immigrants can speak either English or French